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All bookings accepted by us are subject to these terms and conditions.

1.     Smoking

1.1.    For the comfort and safety of all our guests, our home is a designated non-smoking property. Smoking is permitted within the grounds of the property outside.  Please respect this.

2.     Animals and Pets

2.1.    Animals and pets are not permitted in the villa APART FROM GUIDE DOGS.  [It’s not that we don’t like animals but some guests suffer from pet allergies and rely on the fact that pets have never been allowed in the villa.]

3.     Accommodation

3.1.    Accommodation provided is only for the use of the number of persons for which we have accepted the booking. Subletting, sharing or assigning or strictly prohibited.  A party arriving with more than the number for which they booked will not be allowed access to the villa.  If, during your stay our housekeeper has reason to believe that the agreed numbers have been exceeded you may be asked to leave or, alternatively at our discretion, you will be asked to pay 100 Euros per night for each of for the additional occupants.  No refund will be made to guests leaving because of over-occupancy.

3.2.    The villa will be available to guests after 12.00 noon Spanish time on the day of arrival unless otherwise agreed. The villa must be vacated by 10.00 am Spanish time on the day of departure unless otherwise agreed. Flexibility may however be possible depending on the timings of the rentals preceding and following yours.

3.3.    An adult must accompany persons under the age of 21.  No hen or stag parties will be accepted.

3.4.    Access to the villa and to the community pool involves steps and care should be taken.  In particular, walking on tiled surfaces or steps in wet feet, or even walking on to a dry surface with feet or wet flip-flops can be very slippery and potentially dangerous.  We will not be liable for any loss or injury resulting from the use of the villa and the community pool.

3.5.     The villa is in a quiet neighbourhood and we ask you to have consideration for our neighbours regarding noise levels. PLEASE NOTE;- There is a 12 midnight noise curfew on our urbanisation.  Guests causing problems will be asked to leave with no refund.

3.6.    Air conditioning is provided for your comfort but should be used only when all windows and doors are closed and should not be left on when guests are not in the villa.  Electricity in Spain is expensive and guests should use the air conditioning intelligently and not wastefully. If guests leave the air-conditioning on with windows or doors open or when they are not inside the villa, we will deduct a charge from your damage deposit for excess usage.

3.7.    Normal usage of  water and electricity is included in the villa price.  Readings are taken before and after your stay and we reserve the right to deduct the cost of any excessive usage from your security deposit

3.8.    On arrival you will pay our housekeeper for the reasonable cost of cleaning the property on your departure. Guests are responsible for leaving the villa and its contents in a clean and tidy state and we reserve the right to deduct the cost of any excessive cleaning required from your security deposit.  The lead guest will indemnify us against all loss and damage caused to the villa, including fixtures and fittings, furniture and swimming pool including any loss of rental income whilst repairs are being affected to remedy any damage.

3.9.    Guests are responsible on arrival for immediately reporting to our housekeeper any pre-existing damage to the villa or its contents to allow him/her to document the type and extent of the damage.

3.10.  Insects and pests are inevitably present in the Spanish climate. Within reason this is normal, but please advise our housekeeper if you experience any problems.

4.     Community pool

4.1.    The Rules for use of the community pool are displayed in the villa and at the pool area and must be adhered to.

4.2.    Guests staying at our villa are not entitled to invite other people to use the pool.

4.3.    Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to use the pool without adult supervision.

4.4.    Swimming pools are dangerous. YOU ARE NOT to take glass or bottles in the pool areas for your own safety. Glass is strictly prohibited. You will be liable to the full cost of any damage if you do not adhere to this term and condition.

4.5.    No food is allowed in the pool area as it attracts insects.

5.     Security

5.1.    Guests are responsible for the security of the villa for the duration of their stay. At all times when guests leave the villa, they must make sure that the villa is fully secure (all doors, including the windows must be locked).  Doors should be locked when guests are at the pool. If the property is left unsecured at any time, guests will be fully liable and responsible for any items taken from the home.

5.2.    It is the responsibility of the Guest to take good care of the keys issued.  If the keys are lost, mislaid or stolen all the locks to the property will be replaced. The cost of the replacement locks and keys will be borne by the Guest in all circumstances and this will also include the cost of replacing keys to the community swimming pool.

5.3.    A safe is provided for the use of guests but we cannot be held responsible for any losses. There is a deposit require to use the safe and a fee for the use of the safe during your stay.

6.     Booking procedure. payment terms and remittance:

6.1.    Guests wanting to book the villa should confirm by email and send the required booking deposit as soon as possible.  We will hold the required dates for 5 days to allow for receipt of the booking deposit.  Any booking is provisional until we have received the deposit and confirmed the booking by email.

6.2.    The deposit paid at the time of booking will be used towards the total rent due for the period of your stay.

6.3.    The balance is due twelve (12) weeks before the date you arrive at the villa. No reminder will be issued. Bookings made within twelve (12) weeks of departure are payable in full at the time of booking including the security deposit of £250 per week.

6.4.    Following payment of the full amount due in respect of your holiday you will be sent detailed directions to the villa and arrangements for meeting our housekeeper.

6.5.    The additional security deposit of £500 per week is required against loss or damage whilst you are in our home. The security payment should accompany your final payment and will be returned to you  7 days following your departure from our home subject to a satisfactory report from our housekeeper.

6.6.    Minimum booking period is one week, unless special arrangements have been made at the time of booking.

7.     Complaints

7.1.    In the unlikely event that guests have any reason for complaint or dissatisfaction, they must contact our housekeeper immediately so that she can try to resolve the problem.

8.     Passports and Travel Documents

8.1.    Passports and visas are your personal responsibility. We make no representations and provide no advice, orally, in writing or otherwise in relation to your passport or visa requirements to enter into and remain in the Spain.

9.     Alterations to bookings

9.1.    You may request to change your booking, in which case we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

9.2.    Any alterations made by you less than twelve (12) weeks before the date of arrival at the villa may be treated by us as a cancellation and so subject to the cancellation charges.

10.  Cancellation

10.1.  Any cancellation of a booking must be in writing.

10.2.  The following cancellation charges apply:

-       Any cancellation - loss of booking deposit

-       Cancellation 60 - 90 days prior to arrival – 50% of total rental

-       Cancellation within 60 days prior to arrival - 100'% of total rental

10.3.  The damage deposit is not subject to cancellation charges and would be refunded in full.                                                                   All cancellations are subject to a £25 administrative fee.

10.4.  We reserve the right to cancel the villa booking if payment has not been received in accordance with clause 5.2 above.

10.5.  Cancellations by us: In the unlikely event we need to cancel your booking we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible.  Currently we have no plans to sell the villa but, should this occur and the new owner wishes to continue renting, we will be happy, with your permission to pass on any monies paid. In any event our liability is limited to the refund of any money you have paid. 

10.6.  We urge all guests to take out travel insurance at the time of booking to ensure that they are covered in the event of cancellation.

11.  Force Majeure and Limitation of Liability

11.1.  We accept no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of any loss or damage or alterations, delays or changes arising from circumstances outside our control such as failure of public services such as war or threat of war, fire or adverse weather conditions, government action, technical problems with transport, closure or congestion at airports, cancellations or changes of schedules by airlines, theft from the villa premises (both interior and exterior). 

11.2.  We accept no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of any loss or damage or alterations, delays or changes arising from circumstances outside our control such as failure of public services such as water or electricity, the community pool being out of use for any reason.

11.3.  Satellite TV channels may change or may become unavailable over which we have no control. Reception can be variable from time to time and may disappear completely for periods. This is usually due to weather conditions and is particularly so forUK channels as southern Spain is on the edge of the satellite footprint. From time to time the local supplier(s) may have to carry out maintenance resulting in complete loss of service. In all instances we cannot and will not be held responsible.

11.4.  Limitation of Liability: In the unlikely event of us being negligent and/or in breach of our contract with you, our liability shall be limited to the cost of your booking with us. Further, we shall accept no liability in respect of any loss or damage for which you are or should be insured or entitled to indemnity from any third party.

12.  Information Accuracy

12.1.  A great deal of care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information we provide on our own website, other third party websites, and emails. However facilities and services may not be open or available due to renovation/maintenance works, adverse weather or other circumstances beyond our control. Where we are aware that a facility or service advertised in the information provided will not be available during the period of your stay at the villa, we will take steps, wherever possible, to notify you prior to travel but we cannot accept any liability.

13.  Travel

13.1.  All transportation by air, land or sea is subject to the terms and conditions of the company providing the transport and not us.

14.  Governing Law

14.1.  The laws of England and Wales shall apply to this contract and any other claims.

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